Reasons to join the NSAA

  1. We have been representing the Queensland Security industry since 1985.
  2. Available Monday to Friday 8am-4pm for all membership inquiries, any member questions and concerns and the sale of Industry stationary.
  3. Our membership fees are only $250.00 plus GST for the first year (no pro-rata applies) excluding joining fee.
  4. We are a truly democratic Industry association where each member has a vote in selecting the executive committee annually.
  5. Membership fees stay in Queensland for the benefit of members only.
  6. We design and sell Industry specific stationary and equipment at discounted prices for members.
  7. The committee works in conjunction with other providers to introduce many member benefits.
  8. We can always be contacted by phone or email and our office staff will promptly respond to your enquiries.
  9. Access to a representative association of like-minded professionals in the security and associated industries.
  10. Be a part of a professional representative body which will lobby legislative & corporate entities for positive support & acceptance of the stated aims & objectives of the association.
  11. Have an association to promote the science & professional practice of the security industry.
  12. Have a central body to develop the most effective security measures in commerce & industry.
  13. Have an organisation to promote a close liaison between all members of the association & Police forces within the Commonwealth of Australia, with other officially constituted law enforcement bodies & with any other organisations having similar aims & objectives to the association.
  14. Have a representative body to establish & prescribe standards of professional conduct which shall be incorporated in the Code of Ethics & relevant Standard Operating Procedures & be represented on Standards Australia Committees.
  15. To establish & provide best practice teaching facilities, to conduct studies & surveys for members, hold conferences, forums & industry awareness related training courses as required.
  16. To arrange for the presentation of matters of interest & resolve relevant issues on behalf of members.
  17. To foster, promote, encourage & facilitate discussions, study & research on topical issues by collecting & disseminating information of interest to members.
  18. Provide access to a contract database of qualified, professionally trained operators & contractors seeking or offering employment in the security or related industry.
  19. Provide industry intelligence & legislative awareness to members.
  20. Provide all necessary documentation, resources & advice on matters relating to the good & proper operation of “best practice” procedures in the industry.
  21. To provide members with industry specific stationery.
  22. To provide industry specific products & accessories at the current trade prices.
  23. To provide access to a discount purchase plan for items such as fuel, tyres office equipment, stationery, & other business supplies.
  24. To provide National representation to Federal bodies relating to the industry.
  25. The ability to provide serviced offices & contract accounting facilities.
  26. Establish non-competitive retail outlets for sale of security & security related products.
  27. To provide a complaint resolution committee for members so as to resolve consumer related complaints or issues.
  28. To provide a compliance/review mechanism to assist members in maintaining legislative compliance & procedure, in addition to providing a demonstrable process of meeting community acceptable standards & practices.