NSAA Membership Types

NSAA Individual membership
NSAA Associate membership

Annual Membership Renewal Fees

Individual Membership 

$110 inc GST

Corporate Membership

Annual Turnover        NSAA renewal fee inc GST

Up to $300,000                      –        $302.50

$300,000 to $500,000          –         $475.00  

$500,000 to $1 million         –         $750.00

$1 million to $2.5million      –         $1100.00

$2.5 million to $5million      –         $1800.00

$5 million to $10 million      –         $2300.00

$10 million to $20million     –         $3000.00

$20 million to $40million     –         $5300.00

$40 million +                          –         $9900.00

Associate Membership

$660 inc GST

Join NSAA in just 3 easy steps!

    Select the membership category that suits your needs. Membership fees are charged per financial year or part thereof. Please be aware that not all categories meet licensing requirements. 
    Download and complete the application form. Submit it to along with any necessary supporting documents. Refer to the membership FAQs below for guidance on required documents.
    Your application will be reviewed at the next committee meeting upon payment of fees, a temporary pre-approval certificate of membership will be provided. You will receive a notification via email regarding the acceptance or rejection of your membership after the committee meeting. 

Membership FAQs

If you employ or intend to employ people then you need to complete a Corporate Application form. (Even if you are not a Pty Ltd company)

If you are a Pty Ltd company then you need to complete a Corporate Application form

If you are an employee or consult for an organisation or engaged in the manufacture or supply of security and equipment or provide security services within the industry and do NOT employee anyone then you need to complete an Individual Application Form

If you are not engaged in providing security services but are associated with the industry (such as the hospitality industry., etc.) and need or want to keep up to date with the industry rules then you need to complete an Associate Application Form

If you are a sole trader the you must put your full name i.e: ‘Joe Harry Smith’

If you are a sole trader with a registered business name, then you must put your full name first then your business name i.e: ‘Joe Harry Smith Trading as Smith Security’

If you are a company then you only need to put your company name i.e: ‘Smith Security Pty Ltd’

In addition to your application form you must also submit the following required documents

Corporate memberships:

  • ASIC extract copy of Business Registration Certificate 
  • Photo copy of Individual security licence of nominated delegates listed and company director. (front and back)

Individual memberships:

  • Photo copy of Individual security licence (front and back)

That’s OK, on the form where it says ‘Security Firm License Number (attach copy) please write ‘Applying for’. When you receive your Firm License certificate you must forward a copy to us.