Originally known as “The Queensland Security Association Inc” with a name change in 2004, The National Security Association of Australia (NSAA) is more than just an organisation, it’s a beacon of excellence and integrity in the security industry. Since it’s establishment in 1984, NSAA QLD has been on a mission to uphold and promote the highest standards of service, advocating for it’s members with unwavering impartiality and ethical conduct.

Our mission is clear: to advocate for our members with impartiality and ethics, promote their exceptional services, and meditate during consumer disputes. From large corporate entities to small and medium-sized operations, NSAA serves as a unifying platform for enterprises across the security sector.

Our diverse membership structure includes individual members, comprising dedicated managers and operatives, as well as corporate members and associates, representing some of the largest security users in Queensland. Together, we form a strong and united front driving innovation, professionalism, and trust in the industry.

To stay informed within the security industry and be a part of our dynamic community, join us at NSAA. Become a part of a passionate network dedicated to elevating standards, fostering collaboration, and ensuring a secure future for all.

NSAA Security Sectors

Our Executive Team

The Executive Team of the National Security Association of Australia (QLD) Inc. is comprised of dedicated individuals who bring wealth of experience and expertise to the organisation. Each member of the team is committed to upholding the values and mission of the association, ensuring the safety and security of it’s members and the community at large. With focus on collaboration and innovation, the Executive Team works tirelessly to promote best practices in the security industry and drive the continued success of the organisation.

Mike Jeavons 

Daniel Spreadborough
Secretary & Treasurer

Mark Ellis
Executive Member

Chloe Clarke